Chapter 4 - Good Bad Attitude. Paul talks about such an interesting group of people, who amuse themselves by picking locks - breaking into safes. Those geeks seem to be very difficult to be understood, while, yet can be easily self-explained - just for curiosity.

The idea about “intellectual property” was brought to me for the first time by this “good bad attitude”. By digging into and building up on previous GREAT work, the next version of GREAT can be generated. That is why people standing on the technology leading edge, are so opposed to the passing of SOPA and PIPA.

However I was not so aware of this issue until I started to code and slowly found out how those open sources, no matter how simple or tiny it is, can dramatically help in my programs. And I realized how generous those genius are, who open their great idea freely for sharing and discussion. Finally I discovered the excitement to brought out my originals.

You know, reveal of this wonderful and magic virtual world are started by those long-haired guys in their garage, by so-called hacking. This magic can be continued, only as intellectual freedom being urged.