ARNavi is an Android application that helps anyone new to the Faculty of Engineering in NUS to navigate to the different locations in the faculty, and to get acquainted with the various facilities, offices, and places of interest that can be found throughout the faculty. Individual buildings on the map can be tapped on the touch-screen to bring up places of interest in those buildings.

Specially-designed markers have been placed at various locations in the faculty of engineering. Point your mobile device at a marker to fix your current location, and discover interesting facts about your location.


The first App design project that I have taken part in. In the project, I am in charge of the UI design. Here I summarized the design and develope process.

A sketch of the outline of the app is here. After the basic concept is fixed and the structure is created. The detailed design involves the graphic elements design. It requires the use of software such as PS, AI, FW and etc to design and draw the graphic elements. Then the layout is managed by XML scripting. Finally in the actual program, the functions, graphic elements and layout should be linked seamlessly.

The structure design for the app is illustrated here. The app is based on the flow of activities.


The main UI elements designed for the app includes the icon, the loading page and the four buttons for the functionalities.


The layout is implemented in XML.


App development and Function Linking in Java.


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