During the PhD courses, I have devoted most of my research effort in computer vision and GPGPU programming. Thanks for all the great work by scientists and engineers in Computer Science, we now can easily make the complex image processing algorithms run efficiently and robustly enough in a tiny mobile app. The techniques behind the app are discussed in some of my blog posts and some source codes are available in my github repo.

I am also an art lover. The hand-drawn style UI is all drawn by myself. The little fat girl in the stickers are actually from a story I created and illustrated a year ago. I spend my spare time do much painting. I paint the scene from my travelling, my thoughts about life, my daily outfits. I painted on paper, ipad and computer.

That is how I get the idea of this app - to merge the art into the our daily life. Most of us don’t have the gift as Van Gogh, Monet or Picasso. We are not able to create art masterpiece. But technology provides us the power to view the real world as in an artistic style just through a simple mobile phone camera. Now the world is the canvas, and we are the artist. Find the app on Google Play.

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