Haven’t been here writing about techqies for such a long time. During the past few months, I had a wonderful backpack trip to Europe, where I met the Taiwanese guy who is writing shaders for Disney Animation - my dream job! Through the blog, I also made friends with a few freelance app designers and entrepreneurs in Singapore, and was given the chance to talk to media in China and tech-book author in Europe. On the other hand, thanks to my best friend, who is going to start an online business targeting Singapore market, I made money from my paintings for the very first time. These are great opportunities for me to grow, which made me step just a little bit closer to my dream career.

Recently I came across an article about Photoshop tricks for image color adjustment, which lead me to some very interesting chapters in the book GPU Gem 2. Feel the urge to write something down about these - I just cannot stop my passion for pretty images created from pretty geeky codes - GPU codes are just pretty.

Another interesting find-out is the interactive-book for pixel shaders! The author is the type of person I really admire - who is enthusiastic about tech and art, and made coof stuffs to demonstrate the combination of the two. On the site, the real-time interaction using WebGL makes shader programming so fast and easy. I cannot wait to test some of my camera filters on the site. Suggested by lots of friends, I am considering writing a few really beautiful and cool filters for the camera app and add in-app purchase function - maybe it is the time for me to try whether this little hobby is able to provide me bread and butter.

Cheer up and keep working!!


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