Months ago, tech book author Erik Hellman contacted me through the blog and asked me the permission to include some of my blog posts and source codes about shader programming in his new book on Android Programming. Today I received the publish version of the book sent from Europe, quite excited.

Shader programming using OpenGL ES is the skill I tried to master at the beginning of this year, in order to accelerate the demo application for my PhD research. Although I failed to use it in my own research, there is much more I have gained through the learning process.Through the blog posts and the Android camera app, I built connections with local developers and entrepreneurs, tech bloggers and authors, journalist and founder of some tech media in China. Now I have somehow made my little dream - publish some words of mine in a real book, come true.

However I did not yet gain any profit from doing all these. Sometimes I was doubted by my friends. I have to admit I don’t know how to make it profitable, and I lack all those negotiating skills, or even intentions. I simply enjoy the process of exploring tech and art and sharing with anyone who enjoy and appreciate. I believe I could figure out a more stable, appropriate and comfortable way of making money, in a career I am not only excelled at but also passionate about.

Sometimes the other me in my body said to myself seriously “you are too naive, girl!”. So what. Like I have learned and am still learning how to work on a relationship from those little strikes and challenges in my life, I shall learn how to work on my career from all the good and bad experiences, and It should not be done in a hurry.