TapiWallet is an Android App for e-receipt services provided by TapiData Inc, a startup company incubated in NUS. As exectutive app developer for the project, I took responsibility of all the mobile-related product design and development practices.

TapiData provide a solution to replace the paper receipt with e-receipt. It takes advantages of the NFC technology of smartphone, to capture the digital information of the receipt from the printer and display on user’s mobile device. TapiWallet app together with its web services provide a solution of user behavior analysis and product recommendation based on the data capture from users’ e-receipt.

My illustration of the concept


The overall visual design and the fully-impelementation on Android platform is done by me:

Prototype with POP

Now I have officially left the company, but the startup exprience and the design and programming skills I gained are most valuable to me. The main contributions I’ve made to this project: