Monolith Hell

![[microservices_patterns_monolith_hell.excalidraw 800]]

Scale cube

![[microservices_patterns_scale_cube.excalidraw 600]]

SOA vs Microservices

I doubled the below table…

  SOA Microservices
Inter-service communication Smart pipes, such as Enterprise Service bus, using heavyweight protocols, such as SOAP and the other WS standards Dumb pipes, such as message broker, or direct service-to-service communication, using lightweight protocols such REST or gRPC
Data Global data model and shared databases Data model and database per service
Typical service Large monolithic application Smaller service

Patterns !!

A common used pattern structure includes three especially valuable sections:


Decomposition Strategies

How to use ideas from DDD to eliminate god classes, which are classes that are used throughout an application and cause tangled dependencies that prevent decomposition.

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